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About Japanice

Japanice is an organization that provides students with school enrollment and visa processes support. Japanice’s online services are available worldwide from its headquarter in Japan. All our staffs have been working in student support for years. This makes us able to understand your needs and provide you with adequate solutions.

Japanice is 100% FREE

We do not charge any fee for our service, you can use our services for free anytime! You will pay the tuition directly to your school with absolutely no extra fees!

Experienced professionals

International team of professional experts. Efficient counseling. Practical knowledge of immigration regulations for foreign students. Deep understanding of the Japanese Language Education System.

Trusted by schools

We have close relationships with the schools and the immigration office to provide you with the best support in terms of visa application and school enrollment processes.

Multilingual support

School staff only speaks Japanese so you will have to go through the whole application in Japanese. We make the visa application and school enrollment processes smooth and easy with our language support, we have multilingual experts to support you, and native Japanese experts to contact schools.

Extra support after arrival

After enrolling in a school, we help you finding accommodation, a part-time job, set up your daily life in Japan.

When contact Japanice

You can contact us anytime. When you have questions about studying in Japan in general. When you want to apply to a school now or in the future. When you want to inquire about school enrollment or visa application processes. When you want to request a web meeting with an adviser.